P1… is the gold standard of car clubs

…P1 brings a little practicality to the mad world of 2ft-high, 200mph supercars
Jeremy Clarkson, Sunday Times


Geneva Motor Show
March 9th
The London Motor Show
May 4th-7th
Monaco Grand Prix
May 26th-29th
Goodwood Festival of Speed June
29th-July 2nd
British Grand Prix, Silverstone
July 14th-16th
Concours Elegance, Hampton Court Palace
September 1st -3rd
Goodwood Revival
September 8th-10th

P1 International – Testimonials

"The fact that P1 makes financial sense was certainly a valid point…but the plethora of stunning cars delivered to my door when I feel the need is just as important. "
| Michel Roux Jr, P1 Member and Chef de Cuisine Le Gavroche

"Always a pleasure dealing with the team at P1. If only the rest of life was so well organised and handed to me on a plate!"
| Ian Noble, P1 Member

"I'd always owned several sports cars. But I'd got fed up with taking massive hits each time I sold one. My Ferrari 550 cost me £160,000 and I wound up having to sell it for £75,000 after a couple of years… Financially, it's no contest."
| Adam Kerrison, P1 Founder Member and Software Entrepreneur

"The club is good value for money. I use the cars mainly for weekends and for the odd day off, and if, for example, I'm going to Switzerland for work, I'll drive."
| Philip Harris, P1 Member and City Banker

"If driving 'supercars' can ever be described as sensible then driving these cars through P1 membership is the most sensible way of doing it."
| Terry Turner-Boutle, P1 Member

"Aside from the concept which is great, I have found the staff to be friendly,efficient and so enthusiastic. Impressed"
| Andre Grant, P1 Member and Owner Howgran (UK) Properties Limited

"Whether your heart or your head rules the roost, P1 has it covered. The heart says ‘every sub £200k performance car worth driving in one garage, supported by a knowledgeable and car-mad team, just add petrol!’ The head says ‘annual membership for less than leaving the garage forecourt in your own supercar’. Extravagant, I think not – more like my little contribution to reducing those expensive household bills!"
| Andy Curtis, P1 Member

"When I first looked at P1, it looked too good to be true - surely there had to be a catch? Well, not that I've found; instead, an ever changing fleet of immaculate super cars, friendly, helpful and effective staff, flexibility in delivering and collecting cars and - importantly - a true club feel. I cannot recommend the P1 club highly enough."
| Adrian Graham, P1 Member and Director ATDI Limited

"A Ferrari F430 Spider driven through the Scottish Borders in glorious sunshine; a drive down the Route Napoléon to the Côte d'Azur in a Ford GT; a Lamborghini Murciélago for the weekend to thrill my 12 year old nephew over from Canada. How else could you manage this other than through P1's immaculate, hassle-free and flexible service? A city-dwelling car-lover's dream!"
| Iain Rothnie, P1 Member