P1… is the gold standard of car clubs

…P1 brings a little practicality to the mad world of 2ft-high, 200mph supercars
Jeremy Clarkson, Sunday Times


Geneva Motor Show
March 9th
The London Motor Show
May 4th-7th
Monaco Grand Prix
May 26th-29th
Goodwood Festival of Speed June
29th-July 2nd
British Grand Prix, Silverstone
July 14th-16th
Concours Elegance, Hampton Court Palace
September 1st -3rd
Goodwood Revival
September 8th-10th

P1 International – Decision Guide

How experienced is the management in running a Club such as this?

P1 is still managed by the same people who pioneered the Supercar Club concept when they founded P1 back in September 2000.

What are my options for paying my membership fees?

You can pay by lump sum via cheque, bank transfer, charge, debit or credit card or by monthly instalments - the choice is entirely yours.

Is the Club able to source the latest models for the Club fleet?

The Club prides itself on regularly sourcing new car models to coincide with their UK launch dates, due to its reputation and excellent relationships with the key manufacturers. For instance, P1 took delivery of one of the first three Ferrari 599s in the UK and the second Porsche GT2.

Does the number of members and cars provide good access and availability?

P1 has always used a well tried and tested ratio of 6 members to each supercar, which we have found provides an excellent balance between availability for members and a sound business model. For instance, in the Summer from June-August the average utilisation across the fleet is 69%. Beware - other competitors do not follow this ratio despite what they may claim.

Does the Club have a good reputation and recognised brand?

P1 is an exclusive private members' Club, which has grown into a strong and recognised world-wide brand over one and a half decades – widely recognised around the world by people interested in cars, lifestyle and luxury items. The P1 brand is synonymous with access to an impeccably maintained fleet of the world's finest cars and the highest standards of service and excellence. There really is no comparable competitor.

Does the Club have a solid and established membership base?

Yes, on average our members have held their P1 memberships for 3 years, some have been members for 7-8 years or even longer. Indeed, we still have members who have been with P1 since the Club was founded in September 2000.

Does the Club fleet include a good selection of supercars?

P1 selects the fleet to provide the cars that have always been the most popular and sought after with members. This includes good representation of the top brands, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Bentley as well as a variety of more practical models such as a Range Rover for when members need a 5 seater.

Can members drive the cars overseas to Continental Europe?

Yes, members are welcome to take a P1 car anywhere within the EU and we will provide you with all the documentation required. We also have another branch of P1 in Switzerland giving our members the choice of picking up a car in Geneva to make the short trip into northern Italy or down to the south of France or to take a UK based car down through France. A number of our members enjoy driving a Ferrari to the South of France in Summer and a Range Rover to the Alps for skiing in Winter. Some even take their favourite P1 car to Le Mans for race weekend!

Are there any restrictions on how many days members can drive certain cars, at what times of year or at weekends?

No, a P1 member can book a car for as short a period as 1 day or as long as 2 weeks, at any time of the year.

Does the Club’s points system allow members to spread their usage across P1 UK and P1 Switzerland and across the fleet at different times of year?

Yes, the P1 points system - with two different driving seasons - is specifically designed to give members control over how much value for money they enjoy from their membership. For instance, many members choose to take a P1 car from our branch in Switzerland later in the year, when the weather is still good but they will use up fewer club points because it is in Low Season.

Can the Club give me access to actual member usage summaries as examples of what I can get out of my membership?

Yes, we are always happy to provide prospective members with actual usage summaries and can also make introductions to current P1 members, who are always more than happy to share their own experiences of the Club.