P1… is the gold standard of car clubs

…P1 brings a little practicality to the mad world of 2ft-high, 200mph supercars
Jeremy Clarkson, Sunday Times


Geneva Motor Show
March 9th
The London Motor Show
May 4th-7th
Monaco Grand Prix
May 26th-29th
Goodwood Festival of Speed June
29th-July 2nd
British Grand Prix, Silverstone
July 14th-16th
Concours Elegance, Hampton Court Palace
September 1st -3rd
Goodwood Revival
September 8th-10th

P1 International – About Us

P1 - The first and leading supercar club in the world

Firstly,and just to explain to those who are not so familiar with Formula 1 and motor racing, when a Formula 1 driver sees "P1" written beside his name on the pitboard during a race it means he is in first position and race leader. This is why we called our Club P1, because our members are those individuals who want the very best of everything and do not want to be second in life!

The fact that McLaren choose to name their hypercar the P1 some 15 years later is, we can only assume, a complete coincidence....

As long ago as September 2000, P1 pioneered the concept of a private members’ Club (being the first Club of its kind in the world) offering its members shared access to an eclectic fleet of supercars. With fourteen years expertise in refining the concept, the Club continues to offer its members an unrivalled experience with access to a stable of the very finest and fastest supercars both in the UK and Switzerland as well as some of the world's most exclusive events.

Members pay an annual membership fee and in return the Club takes care of everything including depreciation, insurance, servicing and maintenance, leaving members free to simply enjoy the collection of supercars without the inconvenience and costs of ownership. Whether you want to drive to a country house hotel in the Cotswolds for the weekend or pick up a car in Geneva to blast down to Monaco in, it really could not be easier.

“P1… is the gold standard of car clubs”

“…P1 brings a little practicality to the mad world of 2ft-high, 200mph supercars”
Jeremy Clarkson, Sunday Times