P1… is the gold standard of car clubs

…P1 brings a little practicality to the mad world of 2ft-high, 200mph supercars
Jeremy Clarkson, Sunday Times


Geneva Motor Show
March 9th
The London Motor Show
May 4th-7th
Monaco Grand Prix
May 26th-29th
Goodwood Festival of Speed June
29th-July 2nd
British Grand Prix, Silverstone
July 14th-16th
Concours Elegance, Hampton Court Palace
September 1st -3rd
Goodwood Revival
September 8th-10th

P1 International – FAQ's

Aside from the membership fee and joining fee, are there any other costs associated with P1 membership?

Additional costs to the member could include fuel, any delivery or collection charges (if you are outside the central London free delivery and collection zone), congestion charges, speeding fines and parking tickets.

What if I kerb a wheel or have a bump or scuff a car?

We do not make any profit from our members relating to damage to our cars. Damaged alloy wheels are charged to our members at the cost price to us of the repair as is any repair cost due to damage to a vehicle. We have a number of garages that we have negotiated very competitive pre-agreed rates with so we always try to make this issue as painless as possible for our members.

Is there a security deposit payable in case I damage a car?

No. As we are a private members club we trust our members to behave properly in the event that any insurance excess is payable in the event of damage to a car.

Is there any kind of policy or subscription that I can buy which protects me in the event that I damage a car and how does it work?

Yes. If a member takes out a Collision Damage Waiver subscription then they may choose to use this when they damage a car in lieu of having to pay any repair charges that would otherwise be payable. Each CDW is valid for one use and lasts for twelve months. If used, a member may take out another CDW at P1’s discretion, dependent upon the circumstances of the accident.

What is a Wildcard?

A Wildcard is what you use to make a booking if it is more than 30 days in advance. Wildcards ensure you get the car you want when you want it. Each Wildcard is valid for one car for a maximum of one week.

Will I always get the make and model of car that I request?

No, not always as the concept is that of shared access with your fellow members. However, our tried and tested ratio of members to cars has worked exceptionally well since September 2000 so you can be assured that accessing our supercars really will not be an issue. Alternatively, you can utilise one of your Wildcards to ensure that you get a specific car on a specific date. Also, if you choose not to use a Wildcard and your preferred choice of car isn't available you can always choose one of our other great models from our extensive fleet. For example, if the Ferrari isn't available it isn't the end of the world to "make do" with a Lamborghini, McLaren or Aston instead!

What happens if I use up all my points before the end of my membership year?

If a member uses all their allocated points before the end of their membership year, they can simply renew their membership early, thus receiving a new allocation of points.

Is it possible to take P1 cars overseas?

Yes. Our members are welcome to drive a car into Europe. However, we do require our members to give us prior notice so that we can prepare the relevant documentation and carry out specific mechanical and safety checks for a high mileage journey.

Can I use P1 cars on track days or races?

No. P1 cars are not allowed on a race track, race circuit, deregulated toll roads or used in any way for speed testing. P1 reserves the right to terminate a membership if any Club member or life partner or other person permitted by a member is in breach of this rule.

Can my life partner drive the cars too?

Yes, a member’s life partner is included in the membership subject to successfully completing our high performance driver training and awareness course with our approved instructor. Only one life partner may be nominated per membership.

What are the Club day timings?

The Club week day runs from 12.00 pm to 10.00 am the following day, and the Club weekend runs from Friday at 12.00 pm to Monday at 10.00 am. Weekends represent three days of points. These times may be flexible dependent upon the individual member’s specific requirements.

How long can a car booking be for?

A P1 member can book a car for a minimum of one day or for a maximum of two weeks.

How do I make a car booking?

Members may call or email our Membership Secretary to make a booking.

Do I have to be an advanced driver?

Not necessarily, but if you have not had prior driving experience in performance cars then we advise you to build up your experience through the car groups to get used to these types of cars. All new P1 members have to complete a high performance driver training and awareness course to ensure your and other road users safety. All members need to hold a full UK driving licence (non UK licenses may be acceptable subject to some additional checks - please contact us for details).

Are there any age restrictions for membership applications?

P1’s minimum age for a membership application is 25.

Does P1 offer corporate memberships?

Yes, P1 offers bespoke corporate memberships designed to meet the requirements of the individual company. Such packages suit three or more members and allow for the pooling of points which can be distributed at the company's discretion. Some of our existing corporate memberships are successfully used to reward employees and/or loyal clients

Can P1 deliver and collect the cars?

Yes, P1 can deliver to, or collect from any location in the UK for a nominal cost. Additionally, P1 offers free delivery and collection within specific central London post codes.

What are the payment options?

Members can either pay in full or by instalments - please see the website section on membership for further details. Prospective members may pay the joining fee to secure their membership place for the future.

If I have a friend or associate who wants to join P1, is there an incentive to introduce new members?

Yes. As a reward and a thank you, P1 gives an allocation of complimentary points to both the referred new member and the existing member who has made the referral.